We are pleased to introduce you Mihai from Moldavia, Abigail from Gahna and Brenda from Chile. They all study 4th ESO in different groups and they also attend a few sessions in 'Aula d'Acollida' since they have arrived recently in Catalonia.

They share a strong determination to improve the situation of newcomers and to do so they have prepared a joined speech to tell their classmates in English many things about their countries, the reasons that forced them to come here and the way youngsters relate to each other here,

Mihai ends his part saying:'If you have the water and we have the egg ,let's make it boil it together'. Abigail is preparing a test about the knowledge our students have of her country. She can help them providing the right information. As a native English speaker, she impresses the rest of the class when she speaks this language. Brenda wrote a beautiful article in the school magazine called 'Camins' and she is really helping to build better paths for future newcomers. She also asked us to take pictures of youngsters in the playground that show the way groups are totally split and don't mix up much, boys apart from girls, newcomers separated from locals. All this must improve and the three of them want to play an active role in this change.